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Women's weekend!

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NewsMatch Report Mar 27, 2017

Good morning Giants! It's monday again and we are still recovering from the busy weekend. 

On Saturday the handball came along with our Gals. The weather has been uncertain the whole weekend and all of us kept an eye on the sky wishing for a dry afternoon. 

The luck was this time on our side and after some worrying minutes with a really grey sky, the rain decided to punish other areas of HK allowing our girls to play. 

The warm up started soon to get into the game mood. Saturday was our coach's birthday and the Gals faced the game with additional motivation in order to give him an extra birthday gift. 

Our girls didn't fail and showed in the pitch the result of all the work done during the trainings. First win of the season for them and, for sure, not the last. They deployed a good attack and good defense to surpass the opponents. Some points need to improve and polish, so don't miss our next training on Wednesday.

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