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Kitcat vs HK GIANTS Ladies - January 3rd 2016

NewsMatch Report Jan 08, 2016

You know the old French saying, never 2 without 3.

And our Ladies definitely proved it. After 2 convincing wins, they had to keep up their game against Kitcat, one of the best team of the division.

The first 15 minutes of the game were tight, with each team responding to the other. The strong defense on both sides allowed only 4 goals on each side.
Then the GIANTS Ladies, on a scoring spree, took 2 goals' lead, to reach the half time on the score of 6-8.

The 2nd half started badly, with Kitcat scoring 4 goals in a row, taking the lead 10-9 after only 9 minutes played. But the GIANTS have power of will, and getting their focus back, they took back what was theirs, a 2 goals lead. The last 10 minutes were a game of nerves, with each team scoring nice goals.

And on a last push, the GIANTS Ladies reach the full time, winning 14-16.

A great game, with some difficulties for them, but they've shown some mental strength, even in delicate time, so it is all in all, very good.

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 • 5 years

well done Giant ladies, the pressure is on for an unbeaten season ;-)



 • 5 years

The only unbeaten GIANTS team!