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HKG Giants vs HKU - December 3rd 2017

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NewsMatch Report Dec 05, 2017

Sunday morning... early morning. Our Giants get ready to their next game along the pitch in Choi Hung. Despite an small incident with a forgotten license (one of our Giants really broke the World Record going from Choi Hung to Sheung Wan), the squad starts to warm up waiting for their turn to jump into the pitch.

Before 10:30 it's time, our guys spring into action dressed in blue and yellow (colours of another famous squad with a very successful history on their backs).

No time to relax as the game gets tough. With a tight scored every score, every defense counts as the minutes pass. Giants are not afraid of fights in handball and with a strong defense and great work in the goal finally the victory fell in their side. 

Great work for our guys who, with not too much time for rest, will be back in the pitch tonight for more training.

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