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HK GIANTS vs Wai Tou - October 18th 2015

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NewsMatch Report Oct 19, 2015

First game of the 15/16 season!

After 60 minutes of tough battle against Wai Tou, the Giants started the new season with a victory of 23:18.

The team started off pretty well, with some nice shooting skills demonstrated by our new signing Jonas, we obtained a 5 goal lead in the early stage. However, with a few missing shots, we allowed our opponent to close the margin.

The difference of the two teams were kept at 3-4 goals throughout the second half, with both teams performing equally competitive on the pitch. Fortunately the Giants are able to play their own game and kept their lead until the final whistle was blown.

Strengths and weaknesses were shown at the same time during the game, now what we have to do is to keep the good stuff and improve on what we're not good at at trainings.

After all, nothing tastes sweeter than victory after a game, thanks for all the players and supporters today, stay tuned!

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andreas • 6 years

wow! but who is this JONAS???

Britta • 6 years

WOW ! Congrats !



 • 6 years

Looking good lads! Off to a great start!