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Fung Yan VS HKG Ladies

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NewsMatch Report Jan 23, 2018

As the saying goes, "the early bird catches the worm" and so did our ladies do last sunday. 

With the sun already rising over their heads our early birds headed to Choi Hung Road Sports Centre to face Fung Yan team on the morning of Sunday. 

Some people might think that waking up early at the end of the week is hard, and they are in fact right, but Giants are made of this special material that makes them inmunes to these issues when handball is involved. 

It has been already several weeks after the Christmas brake and as the previous game counted with only half of the team we could say this was the debut of the squad on its whole. Good opportunity to test the condition of the team in a competitive environment. 

Our Ladies made their part of the deal and started the game ahead. With a powerful attack and good defense, the score turned to the Giants more and more. However, and although their ahead position was never threated, some weaknesses became visible as the game, the tiredness and the relaxation came. Nothing that a bit or hard work cannot solve in the coming trainings. Can you see the face of our coach in the picture? He is already plotting how to make them sweat in the next trainings.

Congratulations to our girls for this positive result and feelings in this new year. They will keep working in order to achieve the goal they have set for the season, so keep an eye here to see their next step. #hkgiants #handball #balonmano #handebol #ladies #gameday #victory #sundaygame #followus

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