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Yuen Long Secondary School vs HK GIANTS Ladies - Thursday 9th June 2016

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NewsMatch Report Jun 14, 2016

This game was supposed to be our final, playing the other unbeaten team of the league. Unfortunately, due to the cancelation of the game against Lam Wan, it won't be. 

But it was still a crucial game, as the winner of that game would probably be the league champion.

After warm up and last minute advices from coaches Andrea and Joakim, it was time to start. The first minutes saw some miss from both side, with good defenses. The Giants Ladies, despite trying the combinations they practiced at training, couldn't score as much as expected and had to focus on a strong defense.

The opponent were more active and running in attack but for the same poor result. But then our ladies, showing their heart, started taking a few goals lead, slowly but steadily, reaching half time with a 4 goals lead.

The second half started same as the first one, but with the Giants Ladies being in control all the time, and scoring when necessary. The attack was yet to be fully efficient, but they maintained and increased their lead, to finally reach the final time on the score of 7-14. 

It was a nice game, even though it seemed like the ladies were never really in danger, and controled that game perfectly.

One more game on June 25th to finally finish that season unbeaten!

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