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YMCA B vs HK GIANTS - March 27th 2016

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NewsMatch Report Mar 28, 2016

Last game of our HK GIANTS Easter Sunday, we were playing YMCA B, which caused us some problem during the first game. They are all experienced players, who used to play in the top team, so it's a risky game.

And we saw that in the first 10 minutes, where despite a fair defense, we let them took 2 goals lead. The attack was not smooth, with too many misses and forced shots. An early double 2 minutes also didn't help, setting the level for the referees for this game.

Thankfully, coach Andrea with an early time out and a few changes, change the dynamic of the game, and we scored a 5-1 to take a 2 goals lead. 

The rest of the 1st half was balanced, with our defense giving them too many opportunities to score and us missing too many in attacks to be able to take a bigger lead.

Half time was reached on a 13-10 score in our favor.

Thankfully, the start of the 2nd half was much better, and with a few nice moves and combinations, we took a 9 goal leads in the first 10 minutes. After that, and as usual with us, we tend to take it easy and commit more mistakes. 
Allowing the opponents to shoot from 9m, giving them space on the wings, which let them scored a couple goals, to close the gape to 6 goals. 

Even if never in danger, we didn't look secure or in control, and despite a good enough defense, the problem is still on the attack, with way too many misses (especially on fast break) and impatient shoots.

Fortunately, the game was over on the score 25-18, a flattering score when we see how we played. 

We are still in the top 5, and have a few important games to come, so we need to keep on training and improve on the attack, which has always been our weak point.

Well done to all 3 teams!

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 • 4 years

Well done chaps. But we need to win these other games incoming.