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SCAA vs HK GIANTS - Saturday 14th May

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NewsMatch Report May 16, 2016

After an amazing win against Top Talent, it was time to play the other top team in the league, SCAA. It was another tough game incoming and we hoped to build on the momentum from the previous game to perform well again.

The coach gave her instructions and it was time to start, pumped like never!

The first 10 minutes were good, with a strong defense on our side. The shooting took a little longer to get accurate but we managed to stay close to them. Unfortunately, we made a few mistakes in defense, allowing them easy shooting and to take a 3 goals lead. Our attack being not as efficient, it was difficult to score or even find a good shooting position.

But we played our game, keep the defense up and we came back 1 goal behind a few times during the 1st half. Another couple mistake right before the half time allowed SCAA to turn to 2nd half with a 3 goals lead.

Hoping to do better in 2nd half, we tried to focus on attacking more efficiently and getting some shots in. It worked for the first 5 minutes but they then decided to defend more offensively and it completely blocked us, not finding any solutions in attack and not even being able to make proper passes. 

The rest of the 2nd half was pretty much only fast break for them, with way too many turnover from us. We also relied too much on individual in attack, with players just going for the shoot on their own. 

We definitely played their game, playing fast and not as a team, not taking our time.

After 15 minutes in 2nd half, the game was done and it was just a question of how many goal difference would there be.

The final whistle came on the score of 28-20 for them, which is logical and deserved for them.

The GIANTS really had trouble playing against an offensive defense, due to lack of solution and training.

We have now 5 games to go, with a very important one on this coming Sunday, so we need to train and perform well!

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 • 4 years

Better chance next time guys. Now we need to focus on Yuen Long!