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HKG Giants vs HKU

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NewsMatch Report Mar 08, 2017

Rainy day in Hong Kong and no training this week for the Giants. Even so nothing can grieve our minds after the good weekend we just passed.

As said before, our big boys would bring us a sweet dessert to end the week and a promise made is a debt unpaid. Our Giants don't like to leave their debts unpaid and for this reason on the evening of the past sunday they made the long way to Tin Shui Wai to pay the bill... And they did it.

Facing HKU is never an easy task and the concentration and hard work are essential. Finally our boys got a victory provided by a solid defense and a powerful attack without forgetting the impressive job made by our fantastic goalkeepers.

Of course there is always room to improve. We never stop aiming to be better and with that on mind, we will keep working every week.

For now, let's enjoy this video that summarizes the good handball deployed by our Giants. Good defense, good goalkeeper, good attack.

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