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HKG Gals vs Shan Ling

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NewsMatch Report Mar 07, 2017

- Wow, who are those girls who were playing right now?
- Those were the HKG Gals and they were facing Shan Ling team.
- Did they win?
- Sadly no, but it was really close.
- Yeah, I saw it. It was really exciting till the end. 
- They have been training very hard lately, their improvement has been tremendous.
- Do you think so?
- Of course! Did you see their defense? The other team had a very hard time to get into it most of the times.
- You are right, but they still fail a bit in their shooting.
- I know, and they know. That's why they keep working. Do you see the old man with them?
- Yes, but he is not that old.
- Haha, the truth is that he is their coach and he is going to make them work very hard on shooting in the coming trainings. I know him, they better get ready to be exhausted.
- OMG! Isn't it too hard for the girls?
- Not for the Giants.

Unlucky saturday for our Gals, but did you heard those two talking? It was exciting and soooo close. 50% sadness and 50% happiness on this game. You better don't miss their next game because this is getting electrifying.

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