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HK GIANTS vs Top Talent - Sunday 8th May 2016

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NewsMatch Report May 09, 2016

After the last few games cancelled due to inclement weather, we were back indoor to take on Top Talent. They are a very good team, being in the Top 2 of the league for many years now and we have never won agains them, so it was a tough game coming.

We usually played well against them but always fell a bit short so the pressure was more on them.

After warm up and a few recommandation from the coach, it was time to start the game. The first 10 minutes were fairly messy on both sides, with some poor shooting and strong defense. We were relying more on individual actions rather than playing as a team, and luckily for us, we could stay close to Top Talent.

Then, we decided to step up our defense, who became really tough, each penetration from them was painful and they seemed out of solution, not being able to create space for their shooters. Our attack was also better, even if we had a couple lucky scores. But we were doing great and didn't give away fast break as we happen to do.

The half time was reached on the score of 11-12 for them. We were still in the game and everyone was pumped up, realizing that we had all we needed to make the miracle happen.

The second half started very strongly on our side, scoring a 5-2 in the first 10 minutes, to lead by 3 goals. Unfortunately, that's when our usual down happened, and after a few miss shots and some long distance goals for them, they tied the score 17-17.

But then, the GIANTS showed their real potential as a team. Against a more aggressive defense, we played strong both in defense and attack, creating some movements, helping each other. And when you defend aggressive, you open more space and we took a great advantage of it. With the time outs on both side arriving, Top Talent trying to stop our momentum, we were seeing the end coming and we believed that this was our day and our game.

The last 5 minutes were a bit messy, but we didn't give up, didn't make any mistakes, at the opposite of them, rushing to the goal.

Full time was blown on an impressive win 24-19 for the HK GIANTS.

That was a first for us to beat Top Talent, and also the proof, for everyone, that we have the players and the potential to do great. With even more training together, we would definitely get even better.

We also need to notice the performance of our goalkeeper, Fish, who absolutely disgusted Top Talent, with a saving rate of at least 60%.

An amazing game, from everyone, on and off the pitch and a well deserved victory because we played our game, never rushed or gave up and played at the level we can play.

Another good test is coming against SCAA and we need to perform well again!

Thanks to everyone, supports and players and let's keep the momentum.

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 • 4 years

GREATTTTTTTTT JOB GIANTS!! Proved that we can compete with ANY team.



 • 4 years

Amazing boys! Well done to everyone!