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HK GIANTS Tour - Taichung 2016

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News Aug 28, 2016

For the first time in its history, the club was able to organize a trip with the players and we joined the Dajia Mazu tournament in Taiwan. 

With 32 players (2 men teams and 1 women team), we flew on August 18th and spent 5 days in Taichung, enjoying local food, drinks and playing some handball!

The men teams joined the open league and despite being a little short on players, having to play on grass and under the sun, both teams managed to perform well. Taiwan level being better, we unfortunately had to face some lost games, but that didn't stop us from enjoying.

Our ladies also faced some strong teams but managed to go to the final round, before being stopped in the quarter finals.

Handball aside, we had the chance to meet other players, coaches, and we created some valuable relationship for the future! Everybody enjoyed the trip and the club now hope to be able to do it every year!

You can have a look at our gallery page, where you will be able to see the different photos taken during these 5 days!

Now is time to prepare for the regular season in Hong Kong, and with 4 teams, we are confident that we will all do great!

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