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HK GIANTS Ladies vs Shan Ling - January 30th 2016

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NewsMatch Report Jan 31, 2016

January has been quite difficult in terms of weather. Rain, wind and cold temperature didn't allow us to train and forced the association to cancel many games, so we are hungry for some play!

And thankfully, with January ending, our Ladies could finally get back on the pitch to play their 4th game of the season, against Shan Ling. Being the last unbeaten team in the HK GIANTS club, they could feel the pressure, but with experienced players and coach, we knew they would stay focused and play at their best.

Besides a few miss in attack, our Ladies shown a very strong defense and goalkeeping, and despite a few luck soots from the opponents, they kept the lead along the game.

Another victory, the 4th one, to bring them at the top of their league!

Congratulations Ladies!

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 • 4 years

amazing performance from the girls. I wonder what can stop them now...