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Happy Birthday Jack!

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News Feb 18, 2017

Last week we started what we think is a wonderful way to remember and thank all those Giants that are not physically with us (but that will be always in our hearts). On this indicated date, another tribute for one of our great Giants is coming. Be ready Jack!

It was long time ago when the club was established. A group of brave players were there to start the Giants' legend. On those distant days a younger Jack was already part of our family. 

He was always one our biggest supporter, figthing on the pitch elbow to elbow with his teammates or out of the pitch. From dealing with the association and recruiting young players, to booking pitches and arranging friendly games.

Jack has literally been all this time doing anything within his ability to help the club to grow and prosper. Doesn't matter a busy and tight schedule, he is a real Giant. 

Not all heros wear capes, let us wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, super Jack!

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