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Friendly game at HKU for our Ladies and Gals

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News Feb 07, 2017

There is no blue monday for the Giants.

This busy week started with a friendly game against HKU for our Ladies and Gals.

It was a good opportunity for both teams to work together and start tuning their lacks. Both teams gave their best in the pitch but there are still things to work on.

The Gals team definitely needs to work on shooting. Even with a good defense, they need to keep taking their chances to shoot and avoid the laziness in attack. The good news is that they are hard-workers and they will keep fighting.

For the Ladies, the start of the season has not been as smooth as the last season. Even with their great attack they still need to learn how to move together. Hopefully we will see them training together to become the superb team we know they are.

Take delight with these pictures of our girls and be ready because more updates for the guys are coming soon.

Go Giants!

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