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CATABALL vs, HK GIANTS Ladies - March 6th 2016

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NewsMatch Report Mar 07, 2016

This Sunday, the HK GIANTS Ladies were playing one of the top team and direct contender for the league title by the end of the season.

It was then crucial to be 100% focused and show everyone that we have the material to be champion.

And needless to say that the ladies have shown that in the most spectacular way. The first half has been a demonstration of defense and goalkeeping, not allowing even one goal from the opponent! Our attack, despite a few misses, was also very efficient and we reached the half time on the score of 10-0.

The risk in this kind of situation is to get comfortable and think that you can slow down. And it's what we did, allowing more space in defense, playing easy and unsafe in attack, leading the opponent to slowly come back on us. 

Thankfully, our ladies have a mental and theyve proved it before, and with a last push, the game ended on a flattering score or 16-9.

We have taken a big option on the league title, but there is still a few games to go and we need to be serious till the end!

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 • 4 years

Impressive! Keep going on!